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Smart Window Company was created for smart homeowners who want to pay half of what most companies charge for great-looking, high-quality windows and doors and who want to avoid the pushy and invasive in-home sales process that is common in our industry.

I’ve been passionate about all kinds of building products, especially windows and doors, since I was a kid growing up in Maryland. In 1982 at age 16, I told my parents I wanted to create a window and door company after high school.  I went on to college; however, I spent most of my time learning the window business from a master contractor with whom I worked across the street from campus.

In 1989, I moved to Los Angeles to start my own home-improvement business.  That same year, I met my business partner Alan, who had just graduated college and moved to Los Angeles as well.  When Alan was a kid, his family moved from city to city forcing Alan to become good at making new friends.  He and I struck up a lifelong friendship and business relationship, and we have been installing windows and doors and creating happy customers ever since.

Over the past 30 years, Alan and I have owned and operated 3 different home-improvement companies and installed more than 100,000 windows and doors for thousands of customers. We’ve always shared the same values of integrity and professionalism while taking pride in leading our industry in craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and customer and employee satisfaction. People are always surprised when we tell them we’ve never had an argument.  Our motto is “always friendship first.”  We treat our customers and employees the same way and we are lucky enough to have assembled an amazing team of installation and customer-service managers, many of whom have been with us for more than 25 years.

Alan and I are so passionate about Smart Window Company because it’s truly an expression of our “always friendship first” motto.  In other words, when we looked at our customers as our friends (many of whom have become our friends), it became clear to us that with our knowledge and expertise in the window industry, we could design, furnish, and install high quality windows and doors that are the very best in quality, but the lowest in price. We asked our customers to tell us what their most important considerations were when buying windows and doors and they told us that Beauty, Energy-Efficiency, Security, Noise-Prevention and long-lasting Ease-of-Operation were at the top of their list. We knew we could deliver all of this to our customers, along with craftsman-like quality installations, guaranteed low prices, and zero sales pressure.

Because of our excellent reputation in the window industry, we were fortunate that many manufacturers were interested in partnering with us. Alan and I spent almost a year vetting potential manufacturing partners to help fulfill our vision for Smart Window Company. We ultimately selected Crystal Window & Door Systems, a well-established U.S. manufacturer of windows and doors that has been in business for decades and that resembles our culture of excellent customer service and accountability. You can learn more about Crystal in the BUILT SMART section of our website.

Above all, Alan and I created Smart Window Company to put the control into our customers’ hands, and to provide them with beautiful high-quality windows and doors installed for far-below regular industry prices without the invasive and time-consuming experience of dealing with high-pressure in-home salespeople. We stand by our motto of “always friendship first” by treating our customers the way we want to be treated.  Alan and I realize we don’t always do business with friends – it just turns out that way.

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