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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Measure Windows & Doors

Measuring your windows and doors is very easy to do.
Use a measuring-tape to measure the width and height of each window or door you’d like to replace. Make sure you are measuring from the frame or jambs as indicated in the following photos.

Measure Window Width
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Measure Window Height
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Measure Door Width
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Measure Door Height
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We typically email quotes in one day (24 hours). If, however you request a quote on Friday or Saturday, we’ll typically email your quote on Monday. If you use one of our remote measuring options, it can sometimes take a couple of extra days to generate your quote.

Installation Process

Your custom-made windows and doors will be ready in 10 to 12 weeks!
Between 9 and 11 AM.
During both the re-measure appointment and on the day of installation, our team members will always wear a mask when in your home. When outside, they will wear a mask while standing within 6 ft of you or your family.

We kindly request you wear a mask as well when standing within 6 ft of our team members, either inside or outside your home, during both the re-measure appointment and on the day of installation.

Our team members sanitize their hands regularly throughout the day and are instructed to only touch what they need to for the installation.

Most windows and doors only take one day to install, but larger jobs may require additional days.
Large pieces of furniture will be moved by our installation team. You will need to remove decorative items from window sills and any other small items close to your windows.
You will need to remove and reinstall your window treatments. If you need help with this, our team is happy to help. However, we charge $20 per blind/shade/curtain to remove and replace. Keep in mind, many window blinds, shades, and curtains may not fit properly after the installation of new windows.
We can remove security bars, but we can’t re-install them.
You will need to contact your alarm company to manage the process.
Our installation team will remove all job-related debris, including old windows.
We do not damage drywall or stucco when installing our windows and doors into existing openings. If your job requires an opening to be reduced, we’ll do our best to make the drywall and stucco surrounding the new opening match what’s existing. We’ll leave the new drywall in a paint-ready condition and do our best to color-match the new stucco. Because old stucco usually fades inconsistently, we can’t guarantee an exact color match.

Window & Door Performance Specs

Click here for information about technical performance.

General FAQs

You are.
Each bedroom is required to have at least one operable window or an exterior door for emergency escape. The emergency escape window or door shall be operable from the inside to provide a full, clear opening so that it is a minimum of 5.7 square feet with a minimum net clear height of 24 inches, a minimum net clear width of 20 inches and the sill height cannot be more than 44 inches above the interior floor.

How Do I Pay Smart Window Company?

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Commonly Asked Window Replacement Questions

Window replacement installations can be performed in one of two ways, retrofit or new-construction. Retrofit window installations are performed with custom-made windows, manufactured to fit pre-existing openings whereas new-construction installations are made with stock size windows requiring pre-existing openings to be customized to accommodate the size of each stock window.

Retrofit window installations are almost always the preferred choice by homeowners and window installation companies because the original moisture barrier (flashing) is preserved and installations can be made with no damage to surrounding drywall and stucco (or siding, brick, etc.). Because new-construction installations require surrounding interior and exterior surfaces to be repaired and re-painted after installation, the cost far exceeds that of retrofit installations.

Custom-made (retrofit) replacement windows are more expensive than stock size windows but are significantly superior in quality. Retrofit windows vary in price based on style, size, frame extrusion, and manufacturer. The most expensive styles are casement windows because they require the most hardware for operation. Similarly, double-sliders and double-hung windows are more expensive than their single counterparts because they require more hardware to operate.

The price for a 5’ x 4’ window (without installation) varies from as low as $100 for a cheap aluminum stock size window with a single pane to as high as $2,000+ for a dual paned retrofit wood window clad with a metal exterior. On average, a feature-rich dual paned vinyl window ranges from $250 to $700 depending on the number of features, style, and manufacturer.

The cost of retrofit window installations usually varies based on the skill level (pay grade) of the window installer, the size and weight of the window/s being installed, and the complexity of the installation project for that particular home. As such, the cost of new windows for the home, including installation for a 5’ x 4’ window varies from $200 – $500. Best results are achieved when using experienced carpenter-level window installers.

The easiest way to lower your replacement window project cost would be to choose, for example, single-hung windows instead of double-hung windows, or XO sliders instead of XX sliders. With a choice like that you will fulfill the requirement of the space, but lower the cost of the window project with a simpler window.

Another way to drive down the cost of new windows for your home is to choose a super energy-efficient window. While your up-front costs for the windows are not reduced, the savings on your energy bills could be significant, especially if you are replacing very old windows in your home.

Lastly, you can reduce the initial purchase price of your new windows with no-interest, no down payment financing. Many homeowners choose to finance their replacement window projects so they can make easy, spaced-out payments to pay off the project without ever incurring charges from interest.

Any replacement window that features 2 panes of Lo-E 366 glass filled with argon gas will be a very highly energy efficient window. Having 2 panes essentially doubles a window’s energy efficiency, and the argon gas will help prevent thermal transfer.

in general, it’s best to replace all of the windows in your home at once so you can immediately reap all of the benefits of energy savings without having any locations in your home where windows are less efficient. If you live in an area of the country where hurricanes or other major storms are a factor, it would be recommended for all of the windows in your home to be replaced with impact windows. One weak opening could allow for damage to occur to the rest of the home.

If you’re on a tight budget for your replacement window project you can replace a couple of windows at a time. At Smart Window Company, we would recommend replacing the south and west-facing windows first because those tend to heat up houses the most.

At Smart Window Company, our rule of thumb for a normal window project is that we usually can install up to 10 windows per day. That means many of our customers have enjoyed a completely transformed home in as little as one day. Obviously there are many factors that can cause for projects to go faster or take longer. For example, projects that include the installation of patio doors can take a little bit longer. Also, homes that have a high number of windows on a second story can take additional time as well. An experienced contractor will be able to give you a very accurate estimate of how long your particular window replacement project should take.

Yes, new windows can significantly enhance your home’s security if they have features like steel cam locks, kick locks for patio doors, and if they have a pocket depth that is close to 1-inch. Modern dual-pane windows also offer glass that is significantly harder to break that single-pane windows, which can also help enhance the security of your home.

In terms of the cost of the new windows, the time of year that you purchase windows will not affect the price. As long as you are speaking with reputable companies, you will find the same price year-around. However, if you’re short on time for your window project, keep in mind that in the summer months you might find delays in manufacturing, whereas orders can arrive faster in the winter months.

There is sometimes a little wiggle room on the price of replacement windows, so it doesn’t hurt to ask. Beware of companies that offer huge discounts for signing a contract the same day, or slash prices in an attempt to get you to sign on the dotted line. They usually want you to make an impulsive decision so you don’t have time to shop around and find a better window at a better price.

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